When I was little, I really wanted to be a witch.

I took my witchcraft pretty seriously - I would write my own spells, collect and dry the ingredients for my potions; I even had a FULLY hand-crafted Book of Shadows made out of printing paper that I’ve sewn together! I would be that kid in the playground who hid in the bushes creepily whispering spells to make flowers grow.

What really happens to our childhood interests? Do they die down?

Well, I don’t hide in no bushes no more (thank goodness), but this morning I saw all of these things randomly laying around on my dresser and I realized: the little witch is still there. It might seem a bit farfetched and silly to you (me getting all emotional over a bunch of things 🙈), but when I look at this spontaneous picture, I see how my inner witch from 10-15 years ago has been driving my aesthetic all this time - from this beautifully crafted CHLOÉ Hamsa Eye POUCH, crystals, tarot-card-like jewelry tray, to the newest addition in my collection, MEJURI Moon Necklace

Sometimes we might loose track of who we are, what we identify with, what we care for the most, but I believe that the realest parts of us never die. Dare to be yourself and stay deadly! The rest will fall together naturally.



CHLOÉ  Hamsa Eye Pouch

CHLOÉ Hamsa Eye Pouch

URBAN OUTFITTERS  Tarot Card Brass Catch-All Dish

URBAN OUTFITTERS Tarot Card Brass Catch-All Dish

MEJURI  Moon Necklace

MEJURI Moon Necklace

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