REVIEW: ERE PEREZ FOUNDATIONS | Safe for acne-prone skin?

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I am a strong opposer of any brands that claim that “natural” cosmetics are always better. A lot of “all-natural” cosmetics use highly clogging ingredients and are often oil-based, which never sits very well with acne-prone skin and just calls for more breakouts. Of course, this is a conversation better saved for a separate blogpost (btw, let me know if you’d want one in the comments!), but in my endless search for perfect complexion products I was yet to find an all-natural brand that had an acne-prone skin friendly approach… until Ere Perez popped into my life.

Ere Perez instantly stunned me with their formulas and approach to beauty. It is an Australian boutique company, founded in 2004, which offers over 90 products raging from skincare to makeup, all of which are based on sustainable and ethical ingredients. On top of that the brand offers a lot of products with non-clogging and non-acnegenic ingredients (and trust me, I’ve looked at all of them).

Sooo, let me recap. Ere Perez seems to be a non-clogging, non-acnegenic, all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free brand, AND all of their packaging is sustainable. Sounds like a dream, right?

To me, a brand can be best judged by their complexion products. This is why I set out to see what Ere Perez was truly about with their two liquid foundations and their pressed setting powder. To make it more challenging, I had a specific need in mind.


There are a lot of acne-prone skin friendly foundations out there that offer medium-full coverage. Makes sense since most people with acne look to cover blemishes up. But sometimes (especially in the hot climate) less makeup truly is the best, both for the aesthetics and the health of your skin.

Given my last year experience with scorching-hot summer in NYC that literally had my face melting by the end of the day, this summer I am making it my mission to go easy on the makeup and use very lightweight products. My plan is simple: use a lightweight foundation/tinted moisturizer to even out the skin tone and follow up with a concealer to hide any spots/hyperpigmentation. Recently, I discovered a perfect shade match in the face of Fenty Beauty ProFilt’r Concealer in 300 which has a pretty acne-prone skin friendly formula and looks INCREDIBLY natural on the skin. This still left me on a quest to find an acne-safe tinted moisturizer/bb-cream/lightweight foundation, which for some reason seemed like mission impossible.

Seemed, until I tried the Quinoa Water Foundation.


This foundation is the most perfect skin tint I’ve found to date. It is also the most sheer foundation I’ve found to date. The name does not lie, and the consistency of the products is literally like water (it even comes in a dropper), so do not expect it to provide any significant coverage.

Quinoa Water Foundation offers a matte, barely-there finish that adds some color and life into the face without any trace. It dries pretty quickly, so I like to work it in with my hands to avoid it looking patchy. I found that it is slightly buildable, but I wouldn’t say it offers a medium coverage. I currently use a mix of shades Dusk* and Dawn*, but in the summer when I’m tanner Dusk would definitely be my go-to shade.

It literally feels like nothing on the skin, wears comfortably throughout the day, and (if I needed more reasons to be in love) it somehow helped my skin to stay less oily than it normally does!

I’ve been wearing Quinoa Water Foundation for over a month, and I noticed no breakouts from it. Turns out, there is a good reason for that! The formula is enhanced with quinoa extract which apparently has anti-inflammatory properties, and with blackcurrant extract which is full of antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin from within.

I ADORE this foundation. It is perfect for anyone with acne-prone skin who is looking for a very sheer wash of color for everyday use, and/or is looking for an acne-safe natural alternative.

ERE PEREZ Quinoa Water Foundation  in   Dawn   *  (on the left) and   Dusk   *  (on the right) |  Potentially Clogging Ingredients:  Tocopherol/Vitamin E (clogging rating 2/5) **

ERE PEREZ Quinoa Water Foundation in Dawn* (on the left) and Dusk* (on the right) | Potentially Clogging Ingredients: Tocopherol/Vitamin E (clogging rating 2/5) **

Since the foundation is full of natural ingredients, its shelf life is only 6 months since opening.

ERE PEREZ Oat Milk Foundation  in   Caramel   *  (on the left) and    Brew     *   (on the right) |  Potentially Clogging Ingredients:  Tocopherol/Vitamin E (clogging rating 2/5)

ERE PEREZ Oat Milk Foundation in Caramel* (on the left) and Brew* (on the right) | Potentially Clogging Ingredients: Tocopherol/Vitamin E (clogging rating 2/5)


The Oat Milk Foundation seems to be a hotter item among those who have already tried Ere Perez in the past. Ere Perez kindly sent it to me, saying that a lot of people like to use both of the foundations together for best coverage.

Oat Milk Foundation has a wonderful formula. It offers a very natural, glowy finish and medium coverage. You can build the coverage up, but I wouldn’t say it could reach full-coverage status, especially for a POC with very dark hyperpigmentation, like myself.

I had to use a mix shades Brew* and Caramel*. Brew was a little too tan for me at the moment, but Caramel was way too yellow and a tad too light. The mix turned out to be perfect, but in the summer I could see myself reaching for Brew alone.

The Oat Milk Foundation feels very light on the skin and wears pretty comfortably throughout the day, but unfortunately, it did not work with my skin’s biology. The more glowy foundations typically end up sliding on my oily face, and this foundation was no exception. The formula has nothing to control the oil, so within the first 4-5 hours, my face looked “dewy", but in a very messy way. Blotting my face would only take the foundation off, and applying the powder on top just made it look streaky.

On a good note, I found this foundation to be not clogging and had no breakouts from it at all! The ingredient list is very minimal, just like the list of its sister foundation, with key ingredients being oat milk, peach, and vitamin E. Oats have lot of amazing properties: they are an antioxidant, skin-conditioning agent, emollient, and have anti-inflammatory properties, so no wonder this foundation feels as “dewy” as it is.

Despite it not being the best option for me, I think the Oat Milk Foundation is a great option for someone with dehydrated skin or for someone who has a normal/dry skin type. It is acne-safe, in my experience, and definitely has a place in someone’s routine!

Since the foundation is full of natural ingredients, its shelf life is only 6 months since opening.

Shade comparison between the two foundations and my shade options (I am currently around NC42, for reference)

Shade comparison between the two foundations and my shade options (I am currently around NC42, for reference)

ERE PEREZ Translucent Corn Powder  |  Potentially Clogging Ingredients:  Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil derivative)

ERE PEREZ Translucent Corn Powder | Potentially Clogging Ingredients: Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil derivative)


I was so impressed with the foundations, that I ended up exploring the brand further and purchased their translucent corn powder. Finding a talc-free pressed setting powder is quite a struggle (if you ask me), and it is even more of a struggle to find one that actually helps to control oil without a thousand touchups throughout the day.

The Translucent Corn Powder ended up being everything I hoped it would be.

I was quite on the fence when I saw that it contains Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (a derivative of Coconut Oil), which basically acts as a glue that holds this powder together, but I decided to try it anyway and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

For real, after using it for a month I see no breakouts from it; it controls my oils for 6+ hours straight with no touchups, is compact, and is all-natural.

The formula is pretty translucent, but has a very slight tint, which is not an issue since it ends up blending into your skin better once your wear it for 10-20mins.

The Translucent Corn Powder turned out to be a GODSENT and a new HOLY GRAIL that I have to keep in my purse at all times.

My experience with Ere Perez has been nothing but pleasant, and I honestly am thrilled to have found an all-natural brand that takes into consideration us, acne-prone folk, and stays away from creating oil-based formulas. I am very excited to explore Ere Perez line further and try more of their products. Of course, you’ll be the first to know when I do ;)

Thanks for reading, and have the best day, wherever you are!

Stay deadly,

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*-marked products were kindly gifted by the brand.

**Clogging ingredients are rated on a scale from 0 to 5, 0 being non-clogging and 5 being most clogging. The rating of 5 means that the ingredient has the potential to clog pores of any skin type, even non-acne-prone. Ingredients with rating of 0-2 are the safest to use for most skin types. PLEASE, REMEMBER: these ratings are not the only thing affecting clogging potential of a product. These numbers should serve as a starting point for your understanding of product's composition, so that you can make educated choices while purchasing products. Everyone's skin is different, and same products can work differently on each individual.