July is usually the time of the year when I want to melt off the face of the Earth, but instead I spend my days gradually evaporating into space. It is torture, pals. Sadly, July is also the time of "the summer hustle" a.k.a. "you can't go on a vacation yet, wait until August" -- which forces me to stay in New York (at least this year). No wonder why I gravitate towards listening to a lot of surf rock (can't blame the girl for dreaming about being on the beach instead of running around in the city jungles). So this mixtape is dedicated to all of you who plan to waste the month away by dreaming of riding around LA in a red Ford Galaxie convertible and pretending to be productive.



T R A C K      L I S T

Arbes - Key Largo
Bleached - Dead Boy
Wavves - Nodding Off (feat. Best Coast)
Charly Bliss - Love me
Best Coast - When I'm With You
Tennis System - Hey, We Tried
Best Coast - Sun Was High (And So Was I)

The lips+palms collage is created by Ella Jazz